Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Headbands (#2 of 45)

So I know this is a super simple project, and not that exciting ... but to keep track of my goal, I've gotta add it! :) I do have a LOT of these little projects laying around! And these I was able to finish up last night while dinner was cooking, perfect! :) **Which TOTALLY explains the bad lighting BTW.**
I picked up the tights for $3.50 for 3 pairs and was able to make 6 headbands (3 newborn, 3 for 6-12 months) from the box, using each leg as a headband. I've had these laying around for the last few weeks in the front room, so it's nice to have them done & up on my girl's (love the plural!!!) headband frame.
I used this tutorial by the way. :)


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