Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long time, no chat ...

Well, it's a good thing my goal has never been to make money off this blog ... because I would REALLY fail at that! LOL. We had our darling little baby ... seven weeks ago ... oops about the lack of posting. This one has definitely knocked me flat ... she's an awesome, beautiful baby ... but I am definitely not moving as fast I'd like to now ... but this may/probably will be our last, so I am trying to snuggle with her & enjoy every moment with her that's possible. :)

Here's a few projects that were completed (pre-baby) ...

I made almost 50 felt flowers (just made myself a template --on my now dead "other" computer-- and then cut away. I loved the way these turned out and my daughter has enjoyed wearing them too! :) Most were given away as baby shower gifts, but I have plans to make some more ... sometime soon hopefully. I also made a bunch of other flowers (sadly no photos) using up random pieces of fabric and ribbon ... it is awesome finding ways to use up the little bits of stuff I have!!!

I also love the red letter words artwork ... but DEFINITELY it's out of my non-existent decorating budget. I used a pre-made board that my honey had made me (for these) and then the remaining bit of red from making my Noel sign. Then I cut some vinyl out with my cricut and made a knock-off version of my own for the tv room downstairs ... I also made some artwork (using this tutorial/idea). Originally I was planning on putting it also in the TV room, but I love it so much that now I'm thinking of putting it in another space altogether and think I'll make a different one ... this is DEFINITELY one to make as Christmas gifts this year!!!

I was also able to convince my Mom to make me some custom artwork for the girls room ... can I just say how much I love, love these pictures! I showed her a few photos and she just free-hand cut out the leaves, birds, everything! They are ten times more beautiful than I ever imagined them being ... thanks Mom! :)

There are a few other projects and projects in the works too), but I haven't taken pictures of them ... yet. And here's the reason for the lack of posting, lack of sleep and pure joy that's in our house lately ... Miss Elizabeth June was born on February 19th at 2:37 am, 7 lbs. 1 oz., 20 inches long. A wonderful friend that I go to church with took some photos of her (and I am soooo grateful she did, my photos are NOTHING compared to hers) ...


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