Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Uninished Projects

So I have a under 8 weeks before the baby arrives and a LOT of things I want to get finished before then. So, I'm starting a new goal, 45 projects before the baby arrives ... sounds crazy I know, but a lot of them are minutes to complete (LITERALLY) and maybe posting it on this blog will be just the motivation I need to do it! :)

I'm slowly making progress on Colton's Christmas quilt, but it's hard to take a TON of time at once to work on it, since the kids (mainly my 20 month old) like to come & pull & tug on it while I'm working on it (it fills up the whole kitchen table while I quilt). So, I keep working on as many lines as I can for the quilting each day and hopefully it'll get done this week.

Either way, if I only make it halfway I'd be thrilled, and so would my husband! :)


  1. I hope you reach your goal...I know you would love getting it all done!

  2. Oh My!! Good luck!! I'll be watching daily for your updates ;)


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