Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colton's Christmas Quilt (#7 of 45)

I would just like to point out one thing ... everything has been pretty much free ... and completing projects is COMPLETELY addicting ... but I'm having a hard time not "adding" to the list ... that being said ... here it is in all it's awesome-ness ...
Colton had COMPLETE meltdowns any time I touched it. At all. Or looked like I might come near it. LOL. Once the quilting was done, he did NOT want to give it up. So I had to sit there for the 45 minutes it took to sew the binding on & have him crying & pulling on it the whole time. I would have waited until he went to sleep, but the kids kept picking at the excess batting & I was really worried they would pull it out of somewhere before I got a chance to finish. I am so excited to have this one done.
I used the red scroll fabric from the Star of Wonder line (I have enough to be the binding for at least one more quilt too ... yeah!) and now there's nothing left to do but stick it on his bed & let him enjoy it for a while. I know I should pack it away for next year ... but WHY??? I worked hard, long hours & really hurt myself a couple of times pinning and quilting this sucker (I'm eight months pregnant, pinning a quilt is NOT a good idea anymore) ... so until he tells me he wants to put it away (or throws up on it, so I have to wash it and think about it again ... whichever comes first), it's on his bed to stay. :)
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  1. It's amazing!!! Wonderful job!

  2. This is so NEAT. Wow! You did a great job.

  3. I wish I lived closer so you could teach me how to quilt! That is so AWESOME!


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