Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bedroom Curtains (Project #10 of 45)

So I have had this fabric since our trip to Vegas last January ... Home Fabrics is an AWESOME fabric store & I NEVER buy fabric that's more than $3 a yard there ... it's fabulous!
I really love the HUGE, chunky design on the cream/brown section, but I didn't get enough to make curtains & of course when I got back to Vegas in JULY it was ALL gone ... so I added some of the pretty blue to the bottom & voila!!! Finished curtains for my bedroom! I have a sheet I could cut up & use as a lining for the back (I'm still debating & may do it), but for now I really like that I have curtains but they let some light in. Cheyenne winters are long and very dark & dreary ... so I didn't want to make my bedroom COMPLETELY dark.
Nothing in my room goes with them ... yet. But no one EVER sees my bedroom, and I don't care how long it takes me to slowly accumulate a few things to pull the room together more, I haven't had curtains in my bedroom for almost 5 years and it feels good to spend a little bit of time to create a bedroom oasis ... or at least to start thinking about creating a bedroom oasis ... :)


  1. I love those. Cute. I love the damask. Our bedroom is in browns and blues.

  2. Those turned out beautifully! I can feel the calm all the way up here. :)


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