Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Savannah's new skirt (#6 of 45)

Today's finished project was originally a skirt I picked up in a size 10 for less than $3 last winter. I got it intentionally to make something for Savannah. Using this tutorial I just whipped it up pretty easily and it's a nice, long length for her (she likes to kick up her legs a lot, so LONG is a necessity to hide her bum) and it was so awesome to see her enjoy it!
And while trying to photograph her in this dress, I realized I do NOT have a very willing model. She's trying to dance all around, jump up and down, swinging her hair to the music (that she was singing) ... twenty photos later, this was the only semi-decent photo ... which also shows off the mess of my front room ... sweet. LOL.


  1. That is cute. She is getting so tall. Super cute!

  2. Super cute! And with trying to get 45 projects done before the baby comes, I'm surprised your front room isn't covered in a mess! (cause mine would be!)


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