Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spiderman Shirts (Project #1 of 45)

So this project is another one of those, "got frustrated and quit" kind of projects. Colton is in love with Spiderman and so one of the winter shirts that I got was designated to become the Spiderman shirt. So I found a design on-line, blew it up, traced it on felt (for the white circle) and red flannel for the spider (because it's all I had on-hand). And when I went to iron on the fabric adhesive, it MELTED the flannel!!! So I cut out a new one and got to stitching, and the new red thread kept breaking the needles (two to be exact) and getting bunched up, and breaking and almost 3 hours into a project I thought would take 30 minutes I put it aside to go take care of other things (you know ... the kids/house/life part of everything) ... and NEVER picked it back up.
So, I spent almost an hour stitching them on the other night(one for each of the younger boys) and Colton was so excited to see the shirt that he immediately RIPPED off his other shirt and put it on. :) Here he is modeling his super duper hero shirt (complete with attack stance)... So now the two random shirts and two random spiderman logos that have been floating around the front room/my room and downstairs guest room have a new home. :)


  1. LOVE IT! So cute...sorry that was such a pain...I have plenty of those projects goal this year is to get projects done!

    Hey...if you ever want to borrow the Superhero stuff from my lil' mans birthday party this last year, please let me know!

  2. Don't you love when they it! It makes ALL your efforts (big or small) all worth it, doesn't it?!
    Just seeing the look on their faces.
    You did a great job and learned in the process :)


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