Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall

So every year we have a first day of fall feast, which is tonight! YEAH! :) This year, I'm debating about our regular routine and trying to come up with some food the kids will eat. So far I'm thinking mashed yams, corn pudding, pumpkin dip,and then I saw this yummy recipe and thought the kids might like it (more than the traditional pumpkin soup I make). Then we're putting up the fall decorations today. Can you think of anything else to do?


  1. Girl,
    You are way too on top of it! I need to be more creative like you :)

  2. I saw that Rachel Ray recipe the other day. I can't wait to have butternut squash soup. Yum. You could do the baked corn too! That is always a hit right? We had rain here all day today. It really feels like fall with me grabbing my "warm" clothes to wear. Love it! Post pics of your yummy meal. That pumpkin dip sounds good. I feel like I need to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this week! Yum too!

  3. I have to say it again-- your recipe cards are amazing!!! And that Rachel Ray recipe is definitely intriguing. Thanks for sharing the link. :)


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