Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freaky-Deaky Monkey

Next time that I am nervous & unsure about something, maybe I should listen to it. So I decided to share my shame, since not EVERYTHING turns out right, right? It probably would have been salvageable, if I hadn't stitched up the legs (the first thing you do) wrong, then cut them and left the freaky little monkey with a butt on it's hip.
But, I was convinced I could fix that, so I went on. And stitched his tail on his butt-hip. And since I don't know how to do an invisible stitch, I figured it wouldn't really matter, right? But it does! And it's my little freaky-deaky monkey mistake. LOL.
I told my husband about it, and he IMMEDIATELY went into his re-assuring, "Oh honey, I'm sure it's fine" speech. But halfway thru that statement, I pulled out the monkey and he stifled a laugh and told me he was sorry. Ha ha ha.
Oh well, I'm just going to stick a bow on the top of the diaper cake and call it all good. Today I need to pick up some tissue paper for those paper balls.
Hunter looked at it this morning and said, "You're right Mommy, it's bottom is on the wrong side. It didn't come out very well, why not?" Thanks Hunter for pointing that out, I feel so much better now.
And of course, the best part? Colton has decided he loves it this morning and won't put it down ... this thing WILL NOT stay in my home ... I have to put my foot down. Or else it may stay forever. Sorry Colton.


  1. OH honey - ha ha. It's not that bad ;) I could see how a toddler would love it. I think it's cute in it's own kinda way. :D

  2. I love it and really do hope it stays in your house. Colton has good taste for the unusual! :)

  3. ROFL ... thanks mindy and yeah it looks like i might finish the mouth & let colton keep it ... although it makes me freak out when i see it.

  4. Holy Cow, that is so funny!! Hannah asked (of the monkey) "What is it doing?" in a very confused voice.

    It looks like the monkey is going to do the "spank your bottom" dance!

  5. Girl...its not too bad! It's CUTE...kinda freaky but made with good intentions :)

  6. Hunter cracks me up. It was your first one. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think Colton should keep it...why not?

  7. Maybe it didn't turn out the way you intended-- but you still created something cute and fun! He's like a little sock monkey-monster! And look at all that you learned from it. Don't be so hard on yourself. :)


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