Friday, August 21, 2009

Colton Turns 2!!!

So yesterday my little bubba became a two year old. Holy cow time really does just fly by with kids, doesn't it?!?!? So of course, we broke out the birthday banner and decorated a bit w/ some streamers. Then I had seen this amazing idea for a rainbow birthday cake! PERFECT!!! I halved her recipe and made the perfect sized 6 layer cake, which was fun ... but REALLY time consuming.And I've seen the idea of putting their number on a shirt for them & loved the idea ... someone should explain to him that it was important to smile for the camera ... this was the best shot I got of it (lol)! :) Happy Birthday Colton!!!


  1. I love your cake!! Great job!!

  2. So cute. I can't believe he is 2. How time flies! Love the cake. Awesome idea!


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