Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Coupon Addiction/Problem

I've always been a big time bargain shopper, but I never really coupon shopped until recently. My proudest moment so far, was when I was able to get $65 worth of groceries for less than $10. It was sweeeet! But, in all this couponing madness, I feel like I'm losing a bit of myself in this. There's always a lot of work involved & I find myself constantly checking the bargain blogs for more information.
Between that and then the kids, there's no time to craft, no time to thrift store shop ... no quality time for the things I love. I still can't find a happy medium between it all.
That being said, today was a special treat! I got to go to a thrift store! It was wonderful. :) My oldest is having a hard time at the school library. They won't let him check out chapter books since he is just at the beginning of first grade. But, he's a wonderful reader. So I went today & got a TON of great chapter books for him (Captain Underpants isn't a personal favorite, but he'll love it) and a couple of books for Savannah & Colton as well. Only fifty cents a book ($5 for the large Winnie the Pooh book) and I can't begin to tell you how good it felt. I can't wait to read a bit together tonight! :)


  1. wow! that's great! i'm so jealous of the winnie the pooh. sweet!

  2. Awesome!! I found checking the coupon blogs all the time was too much for me too. I have cut back on trying to hit every sale and make sure I get every bargain. I feel much better and am starting to be able to do more things that I love too :)

  3. Whoa. You are an intense couponer... but it sounds like it has really been paying off for you. I've been using more, but generally focus on just what I get from the store and what comes in the mail. And it's hard enough filtering through just that! :)

    What a fabulous book haul! You're a super mama. :)


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