Friday, September 4, 2009

Crafty Links

So I host a little group of people to my home to talk about food storage/family preparedness and being frugal. This month's theme is 101 gifts for under $10. I'm hoping to find more than 101, but it's taking all my free time coming up with ideas (beyond the generic ... make them a quilt! idea). Here's the first 60 links that I've found so far:

Then I was thinking of other ideas like:

  • Rather than an easy bake oven (which the ingredients can be SUPER expensive!): Make some pre-made cookie in a jar mixes, add an apron & a chef hat!
  • My kids favorite thing to do is search for books at the local thrift store. Grab a handful of books *used* and it's usually 25-50 cents a book, instead of $8-$15!
  • Make a family recipe book and gather the recipes from all the extended family. Each year (for the next several years), send them one section of the cookbook.
  • Trade services (like baby-sitting, etc.) with someone who IS crafty & has the time, to do it some things for you.
  • October is clearance time for the toys stores ... get $15 gifts for 75% off (that's only $3.75 each!).
  • Pre-made cookie mixes are always a hit!
  • For a great selection of ideas, check out this blog posting!

So ... do you have any more ideas???


  1. These are awesome!
    You could put the idea that you did for mother's day a year or so ago...the plastic name tag photo album. I made one of those similar to yours. I will think of some more things and let you know.

  2. GREAT list!! Can I use some of them for the upcoming Financial Resource Fair that our Stake is putting on? I am in charge of the "Christmas with Spirit" Booth

  3. This is a great list-- so much inspiration there! Now, if I only had the time to follow through and do a bunch of those things... :) I really need to get started on a holiday plan!


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