Monday, September 21, 2009

Christy's Baby Shower

So we had the baby shower this last weekend. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I put all the decorations up and it wasn't quite as festive as I wanted. Here's the "welcome baby" scrapbook banner I made. There were two other banners up as well.I tried to find somewhere to buy some basic balloons (helium filled) that morning, but everywhere I went they were out or didn't do it? What's up with that??? Balloons would have definitely finished the whole thing off perfectly.Her sisters, Mom & sister-in-laws did all the food and it was so yummy! Of course the fact that I skipped breakfast had nothing to do with my obsession with the tiny costco quiche. LOL.Ironically when I went grocery shopping the other day I had found some silverware in yellow, nice sturdy stuff on clearance! And then the tablecloths & napkins too. I wrapped those up & tied them with ribbon. Christy asked for a diaper shower, I think that they covered that area rather nicely. I made the Bakerella's cowboy cookies w/ green, yellow, blue & brown m & m's (to tie into the color scheme) and wrapped them up in these cute little take out boxes as a giveaway.And notice the cute bow on top of the diaper cake instead of the freaky little monkey? I think she had a good time ... and now little baby ... come out soon! We're anxious to meet you! Oh, and in case you were wondering ... we still have our freaky little sock monkey hanging around. :)


  1. Too cute. Ha ha - I love that he loves that little sock monkey. I'm sure it'll grow on you. ;)

  2. The Mod Monkey was way cute! You did great. It all looked GREAT!!!

  3. Congratulations on another fabulous event! The spread and decorations look just amazing. I'm so inspired seeing the parties you put together. Someday, I hope to start doing cool celebrations like you! :)

  4. I don't know how I missed this post, but super cute baby shower. How cute. Do you have the templates for those cute boxes you made with the monkeys? I would love the template if you would like to share! :)

    Super cute...and that isn't a freaky deaky is cute!


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