Friday, January 23, 2009

A very slow WIP

So on Sundays, after getting home from church I am always tempted to pull out the sewing machine and take advantage of the WHOLE afternoon with no where to go and nothing in particular to do. But my goal for this year was to spend more quality time with my family and Sundays really are a perfect day to force family together time. So I've been working on a much overdue WIP just on Sundays. Here's the link to Hunter & Savannah's completed stitches. And I guess since baby #4 is on the way, it's a good thing to finish baby #3's, right? :) It'll be slow work, but at least it's an easy carry-around and can be picked up and put down very easily, so I'm still wherever the kids & husband are on Sunday. Still a part of the day and having family time, but me time too. :) I woke up this morning with almost no voice and feeling like a bus had run me over ... so today is a curl up on the couch & watch movie day with the kids ... I think I'll pull it out and get another section done today too.

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  1. I had that this last week - no voice and feeling like a bus had run me over. I drank some warm herbal tea with honey in it and it helped a LOT with my voice :)


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