Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Girly Room

So with the new year comes the undeniable urge to purge the un-needed and organize and decorate! We are working on making a sweet girl room for Savannah. With the new baby coming, she'll be moved back into her own room, with Colton being moved into the big boy room with Hunter. She is not going to love this idea though. So, Ryan suggested we try and decorate up her room and make it special for her, rather than a "Move over and make room" kind of deal.
So she wants a pink room, with hot pink walls too. We've collected enough "oops" paint from Lowe's that that part is taken care of ... but now what to do for the bedspread??? These are the two choices we're down to: Ginger Blossom by Sandi or the Swell line by Moda. I love the bold, funky-ness of the Ginger Blossom line, but I've collected a of light pastel-y green things from thrift store shopping that would fit well with the swell line I think.
And I want to order up the fabric this week! So, what do you think???
(Ginger blossom picture from Sandi's blog & Swell picture from the moda site)


  1. I vote for Ginger Blossom :)

  2. I'm with Lisa-- I vote Ginger Blossom. I think the brighter palette is so striking and perfect for a hot pink room. :)


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