Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

So I've been trying to thrift a lot more ... hoping to find some cute things for Savannah's room. I was completely STOKED (yes I still use that word ... but only on SPECIAL occasions) about this find. I loved this chair, it was kind of pushed back in the linens section. I looked at it thinking, WOW! That looks just like a PBKids chair that I loved forever ... but it was $75 and who really can spend that on a pillow? Then, I looked at the tag on it and it was from Pottery Barn Teen!!! Score! :) And the best part, it was on sale 50% off ... so it was even better for only $2.50! :)
Then I've been trying to thrift some sheets for all these blankets I'm trying to finish ... I love the cute little print on this, it'll be perfect for my star quilt a long. :)


  1. That pillow is an awesome find. I used to have one similar to that, and it was so awesome for reading in bed! :)

  2. Good find! I need to do that! You are awesome like that!


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