Friday, January 9, 2009

Debating on Christmas for 2009

So I have hopes for this year ... being more prepared and ready and starting early on projects that seem like good ideas. LOL. How long will that last? Who knows, in the mean time it's a good idea, right?
So I found links to some free BOM's from another the Crafty Stitcher's blog and these seem like cute, fun ideas that would make great Christmas gifts! :) So I downloaded the noah's ark stitcheries that she already has up and now it's time to find some nice, soft cream-y fabric to get started! I've been wanting a new project for Sundays, after church when we are all just relaxing together at home. I don't want to pull out my machine on those days, and stitching would be a perfect, "I'm still available if you want/need me" kind of idea.

There were two other fun ideas for free bom's on the crafty stitcher's blog ... but I think those might still be too advanced for me ... we'll have to see though! :)


  1. I thought that it read Noah's Ark Free Book of Mormon. . . needless to say I was confused. What is a BOM, anyway? lol

  2. I LOVE you!! Already thinking about Christmas 2009. You are too cool!

    I thought the same thing as Ali Mae. I had to read the other blog to find out it meant "Block of the Month". LOL


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