Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Two separate times now I have LOST my entry for today. Why?!? Something must be wrong with me, or it may be this cough thing. One week into it and it's very, very slowly getting better. After a sleepless night on Tuesday with Colton, we shut the door to his room, I slept in there too (just in case), turned up the humidifier and FINALLY got a decent night's sleep. Gotta love cold & flu season. LOL.
Anyways, I liked this bucket at Target (it's like $20 or $25), but would NEVER pay anything close to that. Found at Goodwill (with a small dent in the back corner) for $1.99. It's a perfect shade of green to go in Savannah's new room re-do. Now I'm just debating what it should hold ... right now it's just perfect for a place to put the random things I'm picking up for her room. Any other ideas?


  1. Very cute! You sure have a knack for finding the awesome deals. :)

  2. I jsut stumbled on to your blog and I LOVE it!!! But I had to tell you....your thrift stores ROCK!!!!! I go at least once a week cuz...well, why not? And I never scored anything like this stuff!!!!!! I gotta take,like, a thrift store road trip and hit your town!!!!!~Katie


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