Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Photo Challenge

See that icon up on the top of the screen? I decided to try and improve my (very lacking) photography skills. The goal is to take photographs using the the little flower thingy (very technical term ... I know) using a macro shot each day. Hope I improve.
My first shot is of the soap the kids were given for Easter from their grandma. I had seen this idea on craft magazine's site but didn't realize what a hit it would be with the kids! They love, love, love washing their hands and are in a race to see which of them gets to "get the duck!". I am totally going to do some more melt n' pour soaps with prizes inside now! :) This second shot is of a special box made for me by my great-great grandmother (who's 103 ... and my COMPLETE inspiration for craftin'!) ... she made it about a year or so ago.
And third (for tomorrow) ... I am collecting lids like crazy for a lidman. I do preschool with some other Moms & I will have the kids for one of the final weeks ... thought they would be fun to make & count and sort lids for! And as soon as my kids aren't all sick than maybe I could get outside and find something EXCITING to take some pics of ...

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