Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun Free Kid Project Tutorials

I seem to have this problem ... I have three kids, and school and a life (some weeks) and as a result, I can never seem to finish anything I ever start ... ugh. And then as I realize the magnitude of my unfinished projects ... I find even more that are just BEGGING me to do them. I think I need to take a break from all craft blogs and just focus on finishing & starting projects. LOL. Here are a couple awesome ones for the kids ...

Superhero Pig - this would make an awesome gift for some of my 5yo son's friends this year!

Maya Wrap - my baby has been going thru a hard little phase lately ... he won't even let me put him down for a bathroom break. Seriously killing me to hold his chunky-self all the time (not that I mind ... just hard on the back) ... this would definitely solve that! :)

Garden Party Apron - Remember the apron I made my daughter? She sitll wears it non-stop ... at least this would add a little more variety to it all and make it so cute with jeans!

Button Flowers - I have no idea what I would need these for ... but they are so deliciously cute they deserve to be made!

Silhouette Plaques - I have been wanting to do these for a while ... they'd be so sweet on a wall in my front room!

Flower Scrunchie - This I have been dying to make for AGES for my daughters' room ... I'm trying to slowly collect a wide assortment of fat quarters for it ... there's a store going out of business in town ... maybe this month I could do it actually!

Hair Bow Designs - I actually have bought the ribbon to finish these ... just need some clips now!

Linus Blankets - I really like the idea of giving back ... these would be a fabulous way to help someone else!

Cozy Hooded Towel - One of my girlfriends is about to have a baby ... this would be so perfect as a gift for her!

Girl Spring Mini Tote - I haven't been able to accumulate enough felt sweaters for this yet ... but I can't wait to make it!

Baby Bunny Quilt - Perfect for my daughter's ever growing doll collection!

All Hearts - this gal is so fantastic & full of great ideas! Can't wait to make this for my daughter's room!

Pom Pom Garland - It is NEVER too early to start planning for Christmas. Never.

And just one more ...

Lidmen - I'm trying to collect enough lids for my son's preschool to make these ... just need about 150 more in the next six weeks ... yikes! ;)

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