Saturday, April 12, 2008


Lord knows I would HATE to sign up for something and than completely flake on it ... lol. I finally found my lost camera ... gotta love two years old ... she thought she was the funniest thing on this planet when I finally found it hidden in the back of the van, next to her seat. So ... here is April 7th at a local park here in Las Vegas ...
April 8th - Vegas is definitely in bloom! -
April 9th - So this is what happens when you ask your 5yo to smile ... there is a beautiful boy beneath those scary lookin' eyes. LOL.
April 10th ... my sweet little chunkers ...
April 11th is the most exciting one yet! See all those beautiful rocks? Someone had them in front of their lawn for free! That's not even a fraction of them too. Time to get started creating a backyard!
The biggest project I've been working on is a nursing cover. A gal that I go to church with asked me to make one for her ... but larger to fit her better. I have sewn this dang thing together more times than I care to admit ... and yet it is not finished, not even close. And the baby shower is tomorrow ... that's why at 1 am I still am debating ... sleep or no sleep?

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  1. Hi~

    I like the photos of your Vegas flowers! It's so interesting to see the variations in climate throughout the country right now. A friend blogged this morning about how it snowed at her house last night. Can you believe it!?


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