Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Thursday

So yesterday's high was 48 degrees ... wait, I didn't quite hear the gasp of horror from the universe ... FORTY-EIGHT degrees was as WARM as it got yesterday. It was windy, foggy and a light drizzle all day ... good news for my grass ... what happened to fall-ish weather to me though. It supposedly snowed last night while we were sleeping ... which means I lost the bet on the first day of snow fall this year ... I was betting on September 21st (the first day of fall).

When I read that on Tuesday night (via the weather channel), I went into overdrive filling up donation bags of clothing that didn't fit my boys, hanging all of the coats, hats & gloves in the laundry room and pulling out the next size up for some of the kids. Buying ahead ALWAYS is a good thing ... I pre-bought a TON of snow shoes a year and a half ago at $5 a pair, so Jax & Colton were thrilled with their new snow boots, and Jax is lovin' his new coat as well. :)

As a result, I got a chance to spend a little time last night cutting up the next girls' night craft (I already had all the fabric, felt & hot glue on-hand (so of course I decided to make three ... and put two aside for gifts for my Mom & Grandma next year ... lol), and got working on some other stuff I'm hoping to share tomorrow. Ryan also worked on one of the honey-do's I've been asking him to do for quite some time ... completely random post I know, but just wait until you see all the finished projects in the next couple of days! :)

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  1. You have been keeping yourself super busy lady! I wish we had some cooler weather. I would love that 48 degree stuff right about now! :)


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