Monday, September 19, 2011

Boys Room -Coat Hooks-

I saw something on PBKids that got my mind whirring about fun storage ideas for the boys room. We actually bought enough rulers ($0.69 each from Lowe's) to make two sets of coat racks (since there are three boys in the room & the weather here is always so cold, we needed a lot of hooks!). I had my husband cut a 1x4 and then cut it down to 35" so that the wood wouldn't show thru behind the rulers. Then we stained the rulers with some stain we already had on-hand. Once it was dry, we glued them onto the 1x4 (I didn't worry about staples, since the coat hooks would hold them in place). I decided since the coat hooks ($1 each from IKEA) were so long, we put 6 hooks on each ruler to optimize the storage. Then we simply attached the coat hooks and voila! :) To make it easier to keep attached to the wall with four little boys, we decided to drill holes into the ruler board so that it would be in the studs of the wall. My 2 yo & 4 yo would DEFINITELY have a hayday ripping them out of the wall if we didn't follow this step! Look at how nice it looks on the wall now too ... which eliminated the bucket on the floor that previously was holding all their jackets and hoodies. :)

Total Cost: Less than $16! :)

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