Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Family Motto

We have been trying to play tourist in our own town ... taking the kids to museums, and checking out the local sites. This past weekend my husband was FINALLY off of work for a day, so we went to see the Buffalo at the state line and also checked out Nebraska ... which is home to the original Cabella's store ... my husband was in heaven there. :) We got this shot of the kids on a hammock there, nothing spectacular about my photography, and the baby wouldn't even look at the camera. The kids have blue stained lips from Sonic slushies ... and Colton is a little fuzzy ... I love the photograph though! It was a really great day, the kids are all smiling and it was so nice to re-connect a bit as a family ... all of us together.Which I guess leads me to my posting today. I have heard from a lot of people mention the idea to have a family motto. And so we sat down one night for our Family Home Evening to discuss a couple different ideas and voted on it. We chose "No Empty Chairs" ... meaning we want to have no empty chairs (or none of us missing) when we get to heaven. Being that I had no budget for decorating ... I used an old board from Savannah's room (I didn't even bother to sand it down or anything!) and painted it brown and used up some white vinyl I already had on hand. It hangs up above the front door ... so hopefully people will notice it each and every time they come in and out and it will become ingrained in their memory. :) **Sorry for the crappy photo, our front door is in the middle of a lightless dungeon ... ugh. ***


  1. I love the family motto! I love the meaning behind it. Cute pic of the kiddos. How fun to see buffalo!

  2. Love the family motto too! What a great idea to have a family motto. Your kids are growing up so fast. Love that picture!


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