Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finished!!! (well, almost ...)

First, can I go on a small rant? Did you know that when you make a comment, blogger doesn't add in your e-mail address so I can respond??? It's so frustrating wanting to respond individually to someone and not being able to ... ugh. It almost makes me want to switch to typepad ... but that costs money ... so it's probably a no go. Anyways ...

I have made 14 pairs of pj's for the kids now!!! :) It is so addictive, and the best part was when they were picking out which pair to wear last night ... Hunter chose his golf pants & Savannah chose the blue with flowers (but fell asleep before I could get a pic) ... the only thing left to do is check Colton's length & trim his bottoms ... which will take less than 30 minutes today!!! :) YEAH!!! Hunter got 4 pairs, while Savannah & Colton each got 5. The only thing that REALLY bugs about the patterns I used were for Hunter's. They turned out like boats on him .... but thankfully he doesn't mind. Next time I'll try slimming up the sides to the size 5 or a bit smaller, rather than following the lines for a 6. Blogged about here and here. Now to start on this week's goal ... finishing the cowgirl quilt. :)

Total out of pocket expense for 14 pairs of pj's: About $25
  • $20 (for flannel) and $4.72 (for elastic)


  1. Wow 25. That's like less than 2 dollars a pair! crazy!

    oh and my email is megan.nadalet at gmail dot com if you ever wanted to reply! we chatted a bit last year, after the SMS giveaway!

  2. Girl...Your GREAT. Those look so cute and Hunter looks like he loves them. You go girl!!

  3. I sewed together my quilt top for Old Red Barn Co.!! Now I'm only 2 weeks behind!

  4. I love the pj's and I don't think Savannah falling asleep is a good excuse for not taking a picture. LOL

  5. Good job Kira... those are cute... good deal the fabric and elastic for sure.

  6. Woo hoo, pj pants! I just made a pair for my little dude, and already have fabric ready to go for more. So quick and easy, and soooo much more fun than anything you can find in a store. :)


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