Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursday -Our New Pool -

The pirate pool we got last year at Goodwill is without a doubt one of my favorite purchases. EVER. The kids had so much fun shooting water out of the cannon, steering the ship, sliding down the slide ... it. was. awesome. So we were ALL sooooo bummed to see the top half of the pool and most of the accessories had holes in them this year. Hunter begged & begged me to take him back to the thrift store to find a new pool. He has great faith, that a blow-up pool would just be sitting at the thrift store, waiting for him. :) And thankfully, it was! Not a pirate pool, but a safari one, and only $10 (instead of the $45+ price tag in the store). That curved section on the top shoots water out, the kids love to jump in & out of it all the time.


  1. SWEET! Glad you were able to replace the pirate ship one...that one was cool did it get holes?

  2. I was wondering how it got holes too?

    I love the safari theme pool though.

  3. We had/have the same pirate ship. I'm pretty sure there are holes in ours too but it hasn't been warm enough to bring it out yet.

  4. DId you get this @ Goodwill? I love that place, it's like a second home to me (although quite a bit smellier). You rock!
    PS: Have you thought of putting your blog onto MMB -- Mormon Mommy Blogs?

  5. Wow. Those are cool pools!!! Makes me really wish we had a yard. My little boy would just love to play in one of those. :) And $10? You go, girl!


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