Friday, July 10, 2009

Fairy Planning

So I am knee-deep in tulle & party planning. I know it may sound early (her birthday is a month away) ... but with the fussy baby & hand making a lot of the party stuff, it seems too close! Here's some of the links I've found so far:

Fairy party ideas & games: here, here, here and here.

Fairy Digi-Kit (for the invitations & scrappin' the event).

How to make a Fairy Princess Wand

No-Sew Fairy Tutu's

Make a Jedi/Elf Robe (for the boys)

Rainbow Cake - looks so awesome ... but really intimidating too! This would be fun as a tinkerbell cake!

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  1. Those are all such cute ideas...we are so alike with doing things so far in advance...but a month is not long like you said. I think all the ideas are cute. How cute on the digi-kit. How fun! I think you should do the rainbow can do it!

    I have everything pretty much planned for James 3rd birthday... I know... I know... it is in October...I made the invitations already...I just need to get his picture done... I haven't told anyone the theme because I didn't want certain people knowing to ruin it cause you know...they are just crazy like know who I am talking about...his theme is a baseball party...I found some pottery barn stuff on sale over a year ago and snagged it up... well I better stop typing...let me know how your birthday party plans are coming along. If I find any fairy themed stuff, I will send it your way!


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