Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flannel Pajamas

Usually I've bought their pj's from the Disney Store on-line, but they haven't had a decent sale in so long! And their curent pjs' are getting ripped apart and becoming belly shirts (so not cool on a boy), so I decided to use up what I had and then bought another $20 worth of flannel.
Savannah's getting 6 pairs (she couldn't decide between a monkey print & a blue w/ flower print ... so I got her both), while Colton & Hunter are getting 4 each.
Here's Savannah's fabric: Colton's: and Hunter's (he loves golfing, and space travel ... and last week he was a horsefly in a school play, so I got the cowboy stuff to remind him about that): This "Choose the Right" fabric is definitely a favorite, and there's still enough left over to make a pair for Jaxson. And now that the pants is all cut out ... I think this was an absolutely INSANE idea. Oh my goodness ... this is going to take a while to finish. LOL.


  1. Can't wait to see the final product! I just bought a lot of material last night, and I'm pretty excited too!

  2. Okay... I am finally realizing I looked at this the other day and didn't comment. The flannel material is cute! How is it coming along now? I know you will get them done so fast.

  3. Oooo... those are some nifty fabrics! They will make excellent (and comfy!) pj pants!


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