Monday, July 27, 2009

Returning to Normal

So my husband left for his second year of a management school his work was sending him to. It was TWO weeks, home alone with four kids. Yikes! Most days were okay, Savannah & Colton had complete melt downs, almost missing their Daddy. I had visions of all the things I was going to accomplish while he was gone, but instead, did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I survived though ... which seriously felt like quite the feat near the end. :)
One bright spot was a cricut that I was given by one of Ryan's co-workers. It didn't come with any cartridges to cut out shapes, so thankfully I have an awesome friend Lacie who let me borrow one of hers. Thanks Lacie! :)I have now cut out 500 butterflies to surround our home for Savannah's up & coming fairy party. So much fun! :)


  1. I'm so glad you survived. I had grand plans too when Hannah went to day camp for a week... but I did nothing too!

  2. I mean, I did all the same things - cook, clean, etc. Just none of the things I wanted to do - sew, craft, organize :)

  3. Surviving is a big deal. Good job, Mama! And a cricut? Oooo... fun!!!!

  4. How cool on getting the cricut! I am so jealous! Those butterflies are adorable.

    I am glad you survived Ryan being gone. It looks like you had fun on your trip though.

    Post pics of the birthday party and all the fun details of the party planning too!


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