Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monkey n' Around

We are currently in the middle of a snow day here in Vegas! They cancelled school today because of it all. So exciting! It started yesterday at noon and we had almost 6 inches by 6 pm last night! I know this may not be huge news to most, but we have NEVER had snow like this in the 17 years I've been here ... and it's been over 40 years since they cancelled school because of the snow. The kids are in heaven.
Since it is the week before Christmas, I figured I should finish the FOUR blankets that need practically no work other than binding them ... so today's goal is Savannah's nativity blanket, tomorrow is Hunter's (I'll post pics of his tomorrow). But! I wanted to show pictures of a SIL's blanket that I made for their cute new baby and she just received in the mail (so now it's safe to show).
She just had an adorable baby boy. I wanted to make a special blanket for their baby, and was debating what to do until I saw pictures of the boys' rooms at their new home. Big, bright & bold stripes of color and then I knew that the monkey blanket would fit right in at their home. I did the stitch & flip for the edging on the blanket and then Mati stitched it for me. I tried taking photos but the lighting was horrible ... but you get the general idea. The entire blanket was the numbers 0-9. It was fantastic! :) But you know what's the best part??? Having another completed project out of my to-do list & closet! :)


  1. Good job... mine should be finished by Christmas. Send good thoughts my way to get it done. It looks very cute.



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