Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Pajamas

I'm sorry, I am still working on the tutorial. It's hard explaining (in a way you'll understand) a couple points ... but I at least had a finished project to share in the meantime! :)
For our trip to the Polar Express (which was absolutely amazing by the way!!!), I wanted to make pajamas for the kids. Last year I didn't realize how popular of an idea this was, and needless to say my then 4 yo was asking the WHOLE TIME why he didn't get to wear his pajamas like everyone else. So, I bought 8.5 yards of this cute flannel ... and figured it would be enough for the five of us (I have NEVER done a pattern or any of that type of sewing before). I got the fabric in October so that I would have PLENTY of time to figure it all out before the big day ... which means that I completely put it off until Saturday and then spent all day and all night working on them. I freaked out when the pattern for the adults called for almost 5 yards of fabric per adult, so I placed the pants VERY close together and ended up with just scraps & 12 inches of flannel spare. BIG THANKS to my husband! He was up stuffing the elastic in the waists at midnight. Such a great guy. I love the way that they turned out! :) It only took TEN bobbins of thread & 13 hours ... but the end result was so worth it! :) Now if I could have only interested the kids in smiling for one single photograph ... they were too busy having fun & wanting to see Santa to be bothered with that ...


  1. I love all your matching pj's! You are a seriously driven woman to get all of them done in one night. It definitely looks like it was worth it. You go! :)

  2. Those are adorable. You created a wonderful memory for your family.

  3. I LOVE the matching PJ's!! You guys look awesome!! What a fun trip!


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