Sunday, December 14, 2008

The craft fair that was not ...

So I worked my butt off for that craft fair. I kid you not, that I have sore muscles from sewing this past week. My dear husband took Friday off & I sewed straight from 8 am Friday morning until 5:20 am on Saturday. I had doll blankets, the scrapbook ornaments, TONS of care bears, ice skate stockings, the works man! I did the fair with three other gals and I know I was not the only one exhausted as we arrived Saturday morning for set up. Ryan was pretty upset though when he found out how little I had been sleeping the nights leading up to it ... he pointed out that that was NOT safe with the pregnancy ... which didn't even occur to me (I know ... I'm so pregnancy paranoid why didn't it?!?!?).
The weather was slightly breezy but not bad and we set up. This is the biggest craft fair/show offered by the city of Henderson (a small town RIGHT next to Las Vegas) each year. They have a HUGE toy parade and so many family friendly things that it attracts thousands of visitors each year. So we felt good about the huge variety of stuff that we offered & I thought for sure that at least some of it would sell. I got there at 8 am, but by 10 am the wind had kicked up so bad, vendors were packing up to leave! I was having to HOLD DOWN the stuff that I had made. Ugh. We held in there for an hour until over half of the 65 vendors had packed up to leave and it was 11 am. Things were flying away, it was horrible.
We packed up & left. I felt horrible about it all, but at least I wasn't as bad off as some of the people packing up, they said this was their Christmas money for their family. And I immediately went home & slept for four hours that afternoon & got ten more hours of sleep last night. Now at least it feels like it's not as depressing ... and my house is already looking a lot cleaner. :)
SOOOOOOO ... I've listed them in my etsy shop. I priced them lower then I wanted at the craft fair ... but it's either pack them away until the fair next year (which we're still debating) or just sell them, call it good and clear up the space (which honestly sounds so much better!!!). So the full set is on sale much lower then I was asking and free shipping on the full set of ten as well. I only have ten full sets of care bears, and I listed some of them seperately & then two full sets and I can add a few more, but not many. Did I mention I NEVER want to make these again? They are cute, but SOOOO time consuming.
So snatch them up if you're interested. I put priority mail on everything & no additional fees on additional purchases so you can get as many as you want & I'll eat the additional shipping fees.


  1. I am soooo sorry about the craft fair!! I look forward to it every year and was so excited that I was going to see you there too. We got there about 11:30 and it was so empty!! I can't believe the City of Henderson didn't move it indoors! I know how hard you must have worked. Good luck in the Etsy shop :)

    P.S. I'm glad you got some sleep yesterday!

    P.P.S The care bears are sooo cute too :)

  2. wow, those are super-duper cute!

  3. What a letdown! But, at least you got a good nap and some much needed rest instead. :)

    And those care bears are very cute.

  4. Those ornaments are SO cute!!! I'm so sorry about the fair, that had to be so frustrating.

  5. I'm so sorry about the fair! You did so much work for it, too.
    I love those care bears!


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