Monday, December 22, 2008

Hunter's Nativity Blanket

**Sorry for the BAD pictures ... crappy lighting with all the winter storms.**
So another blanket that Mati did for me was Hunter's choice for his Christmas blanket. I let him pick out his colors and ALL he wanted was blue, I threw a sash of the golden angels fabric in with it, but otherwise, all him. I didn't have enough of any particular blue for the binding, so I alternated every 20 inches with the three blues I had, i really like the scrappiness of that! I couldn't convince him of even looking at the other stuff. She did shooting stars all along the large blue border,stars in the light yellow angel sash and then the first few lines of "Hark the herald angels sing" in the blue sash next to the panel. What amazes me about this quilt (besides the fact that it's now done, bound & on their bed ... before Christmas too!) is that the different colors REALLY make the panel look different. Savannah's blanket looks so much darker, while this blanket seems to scream out blue and softness to me. The kids love the blankets too ... which makes it perfect. I think now the piano lessons are paid thru the end of next month (maybe longer) ... thanks Mati! :)


  1. It looks so cool. That Mati is a pro!!! How great that you can work out this sweet deal together. Your WIP list is dimishing.

  2. Love it! I love the quilting that Mati did and I love the binding around the edges. Great job!

  3. I just noticed your WIP list... are you planning to make that Care Bear Tree Skirt? I didn't know after all the tedious work that went into your ornaments :)

  4. I am planning on making it ... I just didn't get a chance to before Christmas this year ... but I guess there is always next year, right? LOL.


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