Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall!

Happy Autumn! It's here! It's here! We survived another torturous summer in the Vegas heat ... and thank goodness it's on to bigger & better things now! :) Last year, I had made a special autumn-y dinner in the middle of November & thought it would be REALLY fun to do it as a "first day of autumn" dinner. Which is what I'm doing tonight. Better get working on mopping the floor! LOL.

I got the pumpkin soup recipe & corn pudding from Susan Branch's website last year. Then I'm making pumpkin dip (thanks to a cute friend Megan), and having apple juice to drink. I wanted to do apples dipped in caramel, but I think I might be getting too industrious. Here are a couple of the recipe cards I've made with the recipes ... enjoy your day! :) **Disclaimer on the pumpkin soup ... I have a fantastic little pumpkin pot/cookie holder type thing from Williams - Sonoma. I use that instead of using a real pumpkin ... and I just use pumpkin from a jar. I'm not that industrious! :) **


  1. Wow... your recipe cards look amazing! Do you use a special program for that or are you just wildly gifted with Photoshop? :)

  2. It just occurred to me... do you do them by <*gasp!*> hand? They really are beautiful. :)

  3. No! I wish I was that good! I digital scrapbook and make them thru adobe photoshop elements. They each use different websites ... but a few of my favorites are, and

    It's nice because it takes me about an hour or less for a card and then I can keep reprinting them over & over & over again! :)


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