Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christmas is Coming ...

I am one of those freaks who pulls everything out on Halloween weekend. I don't really have many fall decorations ... something I mean to fix each year. But then ... dang Costco! They pull out all the delicious Christmas treats and the fantastic-ly cute decorations and lawn decor and I can't pull myself back to fall decorations ... time to think Christmas! LOL.

Last year we did a lot of gifts and with the economy like it is ... I wanted to think of cute & cheaper ideas. Ryan has a lot of employees that all exchange cookies & treats and so I wanted to make a cute pillow box with treats (ie - hershey kisses). Then Skip to my Lou posted this pillow box pattern on her site today! I know it's early ... but I like having it all done WAY early ... so this is perfect!

Then I've also made lots of those recipe cards thru photoshop. I was going to pick up some of these cute tins and include some yummy Christmas favorite recipes inside each one. Here's a couple that I've been working on ... That with a cute ribbon & label wouldn't be too expensive and would definitely be original, right? Then ... depending on the person these are being given to, I thought that this oven mitt might be a perfect tag along ... but I'm not sure how much that special batting would cost.

So that should be it for the almost FIFTY people that we need to cover between Ryan's work, Hunter's school, church and some special friends. Not too expensive, but definitely a little more time consuming. What about you? What are you planning on doing for Christmas?

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  1. Those seem like some awesome gift ideas! Just be careful not to burn yourself out by making too much. Keep it fun! I'm definitely going to have to steal your recipe card idea and make a few of them up. :)


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