Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thrift Store Shopping

So I walked into Goodwill yesterday fully planning on finding cute decorations just like all those fun craft blogs suggested. Instead, I walked out with Halloween costumes. Still not a bad way to spend the money ... just not as cute to decorate the house with. LOL. The costumes were at the very front section and Savannah saw these wings and just *knew* she needed that costume ... and for $4 I figured why not?!?It's still brand new from last year at Target. She has been dying to wear it around ... but I'm going to make her wait until Halloween is a little bit closer. Then while I was looking at that one, Hunter spotted a Transformers costume and started begging for it. Again, brand new with the tags for $5. He really wants to be Mario, but we're having a hard time finding overalls in his size at the thrift stores ... but I promised we'd keep looking and got the Optimus Prime as a back-up, just in case kind-of thing. I already have Colton's costume from Disney, no picture but it's darling too! I got Ryan a giant bumble bee costume, again new with tags for only $5 (the price tag said $40!) ... but the looks I got when I showed it to him said it all ... that will be going into a Goodwill donation pile for sure. So now, unless I can find some overalls for that Mario costume ... costumes are done and off my list! :)


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