Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still Kickin'

Tonight a friend mentioned that I keep getting sick because I'm not sleeping and resting at all the last month or so ... she may be right. After losing my voice for almost a week, being healthy for four days and then catching the next cold from the boys ... I've realized I have to slow down a bit. And it's been nice ... not much to report because of it ... but nice. :) I did however finally make a use for the random Christmas ornaments I picked up in January 2010 ... I was inspired by this Pottery Barn wreath. And for $5 (the cost of the wreath form from Hobby Lobby), I was able to hot glue the ornaments onto the wreath ... and I absolutely LOVE IT! :) I actually had enough ornaments to make three more wreaths (and cleared out a box and a half of my closet in the process!) ... So, I made a fun afternoon craft project of it with a gal from church and another gal is planning on coming over (as soon as she has "free time") to make hers as well ... I know I shouldn't skip over Thanksgiving, but the twinkle lights and Christmas colors are so much more fun!
Think about how easy it would be to make this wreath with the random ornaments you already have at home???Admit it, you want one too now! :)


  1. LOVE IT KIRA!!! I think it looks even better than the PB one. You go girl! We all got sick over here too...I am glad you slowed down a little bit...even if you were only going 70 instead of the 120 you always are going! Hope you are back to 100% now!!

    Love the wreath! I bet it feels more Christmas than Thanksgiving with the snow you have had.

  2. Love the wreath! You're so awesome! I don't blame you either for wanting Christmas before Thanksgiving. I doing everything to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate.


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