Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lots of finished projects coming!

So, I've been really trying to finish up a few odds n' ends and am actually making some headway! A really good friend of mine is trading me some of my burned edge flowers for her ADORABLE bows ... seriously I am getting such a good deal out of this! :) And we did the cutest activity for school the other week and I wanted to share! One of my husband's cousins took a cooking class with her daughter a few years back, and in the class they PAINTED sugar cookies with an egg white/food coloring mixture. Super simple, but it bakes up so neat looking & the kids LOVE painting like that, and a HUGE bonus is no super sticky, overly sugary frosting to deal wtih. So we did a geography lesson where we covered the many different types of maps (economic for example) and then we painted the geographical map of wyoming, with it's trees, rivers and everything on a sugar cookie shaped like Wyoming (luckily for me ... Wyoming is just a huge rectangle). It definitely helped the kids remember the details of the state and the different types of maps. AND (!!!) it served as a nice snack afterwards. Such a fun activity!

I can't wait to show you the cute stuff I've been working on with my daughter for our craft nights ... she has a fun little pink tree & we are really decking it out together! :)


  1. How cool is that! You are such an awesome mom!

  2. You are lucky that Wyoming is a rectangle state! I can't imagine trying to cut the shape of Maryland in a cookie! LOL This is a great idea, however. I will have to remember to do it sometime for geography! Thanks for linking it up.
    BTW...I am still in need of a Wyoming postcard. Would you be willing to send us one for our 50 states project?


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