Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Ironing Board

It may be summertime still for some, but winter has definitely arrived here! The kids are really enjoying it ... which I am trying to remind myself as it takes an hour to get all four of them fully dressed to go outside ... two-three times a day ...It's strange that the leaves still haven't fallen, but there is so much snow outside!

Have you guys seen this cute ironing board tutorial? I loved it, and realized that I could literally do it for under $10! I already had my contact paper, black paint, and a random board in the garage. I just had to buy the coat hooks, and my awesome hubby put it on for me. I realize my ironing board isn't very exciting ... but I LOVE having a home for the ironing board ... and it's been put in the homeschool/craft room now ... it's awesome! :)


  1. Wish we had snow...or snow to visit!

    Love the ironing board holder. CUTE!

  2. Love the font on your pictures...what font is that?

  3. I'm gonna have to do that myself. My ironing board is longing for a home.


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