Monday, November 21, 2011

Girls Craft Night

So, my daughter and I have been working (during all my *free* time) on making decorations for her Christmas tree. It's a beautiful pink, pre-lit foofy (technical term, honest) tree that we got 75% off last year for $5. I picked up some bird houses for $1 and we are busily, painting & mod-podging them, and cutting out cute little birds to go on them ... and then I came up with this monstrosity of an idea for the tree skirt. Which I plan on finishing up tomorrow (hopefully) in the morning before the family heads out for family pictures. Is it just me who wishes we DIDN'T have to be a part of the family pic at all sometimes? Not a slam on myself, just the kids are so cute, and their clothes were sooooo much easier to pick out then trying to bargain shop for myself, in the right color scheme, with clothing that I feel comfortable in. LOL. Good to know that's the absolutely worst thing on my plate for tomorrrow. :) I am truly blessed.

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