Monday, October 10, 2011

First Big Snow

So this Saturday we had our first big snow storm. We got 6 inches in our backyard, and it completely destroyed half of a tree with the weight of the snow.The kids were in hog heaven though (Hunter is wearing his "Harry Potter" scarf from last Halloween ... love it!), it was the first time they've built a real snowman, and all without any help from Mommy.I hurt my back this past weekend, but today I finally got the photos uploaded from that and a few finished projects! We had a Jo-Ann's FINALLY open up here in town, and they were giving away gift cards to the first 100 people each morning ... so I picked up all these goodies for only $4.67! The first project on the list was a cute burlap wreath for our front door. I've become a bit obsessed with front door wreaths (I have a huge board on pinterest full of inspiration) and I can't believe what a difference it makes (in my mind at least) to have one up now! :)


  1. Snow?? Wow! I'm sorry :(

    And I agree about the wreaths... I'm obsessed too!

  2. Wish we had snow here, but I will settle for the rain we received the last couple of days. The kiddos look so cute out in the snow! Love their snowman.

    Your wreath is cute. I have my black Halloween burlap wreath up on my door. I have extra dark brown and regular burlap...I should make me one of these for fall.

  3. Danielle - I made one using one of those four wired wreaths, it used up almost 2.5 yards of burlap, but I think it's easily used for any holiday/season by changing out the ribbon! :)

  4. Love the snow! I'm with Danielle and wish it would snow here. But I'm loving our weather now!
    Cute wreath! I've been looking for some inspiration for my front door too. Thanks!


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