Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinwheel Blanket

My sister had a baby back in December & I'd been meaning to make & send her a blanket ... but it wasn't until last week when my husband needed to go to Austin unexpectedly when I suddenly found myself trying to make an entire blanket in less than two days. I actually finished the binding on the way to the airport (not so much fun with the car sickness thing) and Ryan quickly held it up for me on his way to catch his flight, lol. It was using Mary Englebriet fabric (a charm pack) that I had on-hand and I love what a bright cheery fabric it is. What I don't love is the over the top thickness of that yellow underneath fabric, it would NOT feed thru the machine and was a complete & total pain in the rear to quilt. The quilting (thank heavens you can't see it) was completely wonky & too tight & too loose in other spots. But hopefully little Emma won't notice the bad quilt job anytime soon. ;)

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  1. That blanket is ADORABLE! I love how you were finishing it on the way to drop off Ryan. Girl...you have been busy!!

    Love the quilt! Love the colors and the pinwheels!


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