Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ballerina Purse

So my daughter was begging to be a pretty little ballerina dancer. So we enrolled her in a tap/dance class this summer. She's in absolute heaven. But, we keep losing her shoes. So she had to have a pretty ballerina purse, right? :) And since she's in the class with two of her cutest, best-est, best friends I told her Mom I'd make some for them to. We used a pretty ballerina print for the inside and then I put ric rac on each of the girls purses' so they could tell the difference between them.One hot pink, one green and then I used the leftovers strips for Savannah's purse. There was enough leftover flannel ballerina print that this week's goal is to use up the flannel I have and make some pj's for the kids ...


  1. Ahh dance classes, I was in them for about 10 years and loved it!

    The bags are super cute, I'm excited to see your finished flannel project!

  2. How cute! I love that Ballerina/Princess fabric.

  3. So adorable Kira... you have great ideas!


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