Thursday, June 18, 2009


When I first started, I didn't realize you were supposed to replace your blades ... then one day I sliced across my finger, and it didn't cut it. At all. Not even a scratch, that's when Mati suggested changing the blade. Ah-ha! What a difference!
Well I've been working on making an easy-peasy ballerina purse for Savannah. But after all the upholstery cutting I've been doing lately, it's taking three (or sometimes four) tries before I finally cut all the way across the fabric. So I took advantage of the sale at Jo-Ann's this week and picked up a new one ... and I also got a new cutting board with some birthday money my Grandma gave me. It makes me so happy. :) Yesterday was Jaxson's two month old birthday! So here's a pic I got of him last week ... loved the lighting coming thru the window like that. :)


  1. Oh my! What a sweet baby!! When is a good day to come over and hold him?

  2. Glad you got some new blades...silly girl!

    Jaxson looks so cute on that chair! Very cute!

  3. Gah! It's a wonder you didn't take a finger off! I'm glad you got some new blades.

    Jaxson is a cutie. That is a fabulous picture.


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