Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Aprons

Baby #4 is very colicky, so not much has been happening here. But I wanted to share the aprons I made for my Mom & Grandma for Mother's Day. I used this tutorial and loved it! I want to go get some zebra print fabric now (I saw some at Jo-Ann's yesterday) and make myself one with a pink tie ... it'll be cute! Unfortunately, the flash photo isn't the best, but the close up detail shows the colors for my Grandma's better. This apron took about 40 minutes to make for me, and that included a major jam up/bent needle and de-fuzzing the inside of my machine. Definitely want to do this again! :)


  1. Cute... I might have to make these. Adorable... I think the zebra print will be so cute. Post a pic when you get yours done.


  2. Very, very cute! After our family leaves, I'll have to bring Hannah over to play. I get to hold the colicky baby, while you sew. I HAVE to hold yours, since I'm not getting one of my own :)


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