Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks you guys! It's not a finished project ... there's still curtains, the bed quilt & a bed skirt to be made ... but it's been a slow work in progress (I've been collecting the stuff for over a year) ... so I'm not too worried. I'm hoping to find more odds n' ends to put on the shelves as time goes on. It's fun doing it with her though. :)

I never posted the pic of the kids in their shirts (mainly because there still isn't a 100% wonderful pic of all three with their shirts to show) ... but here's a pic taken at Kiddie Kandids the other day that kind-of shows them.
Then I completely spaced a gift that is due next week! Oops!!! I already made the quilt top ... but I haven't been feeling well enough to actually sit & sew ... guess it's time to suck it up and get to work on this sucker, she's getting married next weekend and I wanted to give it to (on time).
**Sorry for the bad pic**
Just a simple patchwork of one of the mary englebriet charm packs. I loved how bright & happy it was ... just like the bride-to-be. I pulled it out last night to at least pin, but fell asleep ... maybe today instead of a nap I can get it at least pinned???


  1. Very bright and happy! But, I definitely vote nap! Take them while you can get them! Maybe once everyone is in bed tonight, you can take the hour or two to get it all pinned. :)

  2. The picture is adorable. The quilt is cute. What a lucky friend to get that. I have been working on projects, but nothing is done yet... I will post some pics on my blog when they are done. Miss ya!



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