Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair Bows, hair bows, hair bows!

Okay, these are completely addictive! I spent almost four hours making these ones for Savannah for her Easter dress. It is two strands of a basic pink ribbon underneath in the shape of an x, two sets of the perky butterfly loops bow, two colors of the korker bows and then just a simple tied ribbon in the center.It wouldn't have taken so long, but I had to make three sets of the korker ribbons for the middle (the first set of colors were all wrong, the second set I accidentally burned/set off the fire alarm on ... at 10:30 at night, and the third set was finished at midnight on Easter). Either way, she loved them ... and so did I! :) Then last night I made this set for Savannah's big sister shirt ... not my favorite set, but it's done and we're moving on. Now to get to work on this project for the night ...


  1. You rock...cute bows! You are such a good mom. I am waiting to hear from you (or Ryan) for some news!


  2. Very cute bows! It sounds like you've been keeping yourself pretty busy too. Are you ready for the new addition? :)

  3. I bought a bunch of clips and a glue gun a few moths ago just in case my baby is a girl. . . Nana probably won't wear them, but they look so cute--clipped on headbands and hats too. Yours look fabulous. I might try to copy them. (Now to look for some ribbon. . . )


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