Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Great-Grandma

My Great-Grandma is fiesty and fun and I swear a complete rebel in her own time. She's still alive & kickin' and turning 104 this September! During the roaring 20's she bobbed her hair & her father almost threw her out over it. She divorced an abusive husband during a time when abuse was a hush-hushed idea and divorce was un-heard of. I think that a lot of the spunk that we women have in our family can be traced by to her. She lived and still lives an amazing life and I admire so many things about her. She is the one who instilled a love of crafts & crafting. She has an incredible knowledge and was truly amazing at everything you could think of for crafts. The gifts that she has given me are truly priceless treasures in our home. Here is a picture of a scrap quilt she made in the 70's that sold for almost $200 at a church charity auction.There are little pieces of her scattered thru the home ... her ceramic plate, a strawberry sugar & creamer set, ribbon embroidery she made and blankets for the kids. The oven glove I use was made by her as a wedding gift. I love these things from her and consider them some of our greatest treasures. My Mom stopped by today with another gift from Grandma. Grandma's last quilt she had been working on before moving back to Arizona was for me. It's using vintage fabric that she had from her stash and the cute characters she actually used in a blanket that she made for Hunter. She started on the hand stitching, but her eyes are failing her too much now, so I will finish it. Seeing it makes me so happy and I can't wait to "work" on it with her. She lives now in Arizona and I honestly don't know if or when I'll get to see her before she dies ... but this will be our little project together. :)


  1. What a lovely tribute to your great grandma. I see a resembelance between the two of you in the first picture. What a great gift that she passed on to you; her love and talent of crafting.

  2. What great treasures and memories. Go Grandma!! What a great lady :)


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