Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thirfty Thursday

I thought I would start sharing some thrift store finds (I L-O-V-E the thrift store!!!) ... when we went up to Utah earlier this week there were so many fabulous yard sales and my husband was willing to go to one for me. :) I got Savannah this cute little lantern for her room for $1. And Hunter was so excited with his new bionicles. The thrift stores were absolutely amazing in Utah, seriously so much good stuff and my husband was very sweet to humor me. I forgot to bring a sweater for Savannah, so we got this cute thing for $3 (it's Gymboree) and then a cute track suit that I adore for only $2! Then we stopped in St. George on the way home and I saw this and it reminded me of this. So for 50 cents I grabbed it and am going to paint it! :)


  1. Great purchases! You have a good eye for the good stuff at the thrift stores, Kira.

  2. I love finding great buys! My boys still love bionicles (and they are 11 and 13!)


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