Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A promise is a promise

I dream of making this. Oh, I love it. My husband joked that I have an alphabet obsession, and then there is the alphabet framed thing I let Hunter the other day. Maybe I do. But, I think it's just because there are so many little ones here, I sing the ABC's all day long, why not hang them up on the wall. And it's cute too, admit it. You want one.
So on last Saturday we went & picked up the wood to make the shelves. I told him to pick up the wood for my newest alphabet. And he lovingly reminded me of the entire ROOM full of un-finished projects. And the valentine's day shirts that I was going to make the kids. And the apron that I INSISTED on making for his sister's wedding present (which was last month). And the two over-due blankets I've been promising friends. On top of the million of others he doesn't even know about.
So, I promised I would finish three projects before I would REQUIRE something new ... which he agreed would be the shelves.
Well ... the shirts are almost done! Next up ... that way past due apron.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished two are awesome at compromising. Love the fabrics above. Cute!

  2. The "Stud" shirt looks like it is going to be seriously cute. And I love the apron fabrics. It will be fab, for sure!

  3. Love the fabric for the apron. I can't wait to see the stud shirt finished. I love the creative picture you took under the needle like that!

  4. How...Where...When...
    Do you find the time?!
    I wish I could take up sewing, but there is NO way my baby would let me.
    My friend directed me to this site which looked right up your alley:
    ***And I admit it...I want one of everything you make ;)

  5. PS - don't you think you need an alphabet of bean bag letters too?
    Such a cute idea :P


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